Tech Stack Enhancement

I look for pain points that sap time and energy from leadership and find ways to automate those processes. Though there are endless ways to improve efficiency, here are some examples that I've pursued in the past: funneling jumbled communications & notices into one place, configuring multiple apps to coordinate & complete tasks behind the scenes, web scraping, and creating scripts to manipulate large amounts of data.

Website Development

I develop complex sites using Wordpress and work on simple sites too. If a business owner is spending a lot of time updating, managing, or troubleshooting their site, I attempt to alleviate that stress by making improvements at a fundamental level. By organizing content and linking the site to other apps, we can reduce the amount of time it takes to manage a website. I also love design and will craft an appealing site that is easy to use, works on any device, and is visible to search engines.

Technical Training

I work hard to ensure that a business will not be dependent on me to manage the product I provide. I offer hands–on training, remote or in person, for groups and individuals, whether it involves a product I created or an application that is already in use..


All my services come with documentation; I can use wikis, videos, websites, or paper copy to do this. I can also organize, and include, in-house materials such as policies, applications, tasks, and code to augment the outcome.